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Manga Golden Age Greats Spotlight


Synopsis Golden Age Greats Spotlight

The most celebrated “good girl art” feature of the Golden Age is featured from cover to cover, The Phantom Lady!! The most complete coverage of this legendary heroine ever seen, with crisp, clear full-story reprints from her various incarnations- Quality Comics of the early 1940′s, Ajax-Farrel of the mid-1950′s, Paragon Pubs of the 1970′s, and of couse LOTS of material from her notorious run at Fox Features in the late 1940′s!! 17 full-length stories in all, including “Knights of the Crooked Cross”, “The Avenging Skulls”, “Olympic Sabotuers'', “The Ace of Spades”, “Adventure of the Jade Maiden”, “The Monster in the Pool”, “Clara Peete, the Beautiful Beast” (A Phantom Lady true crime story)< “Wine, Women, and Sudden Death”, “Yankee Doodle Luck”, “The Man the Kremlin Applauded”, “Civilan Defense Scandal”, “The Copycat Killers”, “The Worlds Meanest Crook”, “A Shroud for a Bride”, “Open House Robberies”, “Wild Eyes”, and “Ringside Racket”. Plus- text coverage on the Paragon Phantom Lady, by Robert K. S. Croy Sr., and the complete Fox Phantom Lady checklist. The biggest volume of vintage PL reprints ever offered, including over 90 pages of never-previously- reprinted material!! Art by Bill Black, Ken Battefield, Arthur Peddy, Gil Kane, and tons of Matt Baker, including her first-ever Fox Features appearance from Phantom Lady #13. Black and white with color covers, 150 pages, squarebound trade paperback format, 6 1/2″ X 10 1/4″ size. Now adding adventures starring The Black Condor, Captain Triumph,Kid Eternity, Wonder Boy, and even MORE Wildfire & Lady Luck!!
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