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Manga Sora yori Takaku (MIYASHITA Akira)

Alternative TitlesHigher Than The Sky, 天より高く (MIYASHITA Akira)

Synopsis Sora yori Takaku (MIYASHITA Akira)

Sora Yori Takaku (天より高く, often misread as Ten Yori Takaku) is a manga by Miyashita Akira that ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy from 1995 to 2002 and collected in 27 volumes. Initially the story follows a rivalry between two sons of the Devil King, Sora and Yomi, who are sent to Earth to bring their father a pure maiden of Japan for company during his retirement, with the winner inheriting his throne and the loser dying. Eventually, Miyashita took the story in several different directions, even having a number of cameos from Edajima Heihachi and the cast of Sakigake!! Otokojuku following their graduation. The manga is also known for its graphic and bizarre depictions of sexuality for the sake of humor. (Hokuto no Gun)
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