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Manga Taming the Lady

Alternative TitlesA Tame Princess, 길들이는 공녀님

Synopsis Taming the Lady

I woke up as the daughter of the grand duke in a novel- the same world as Raon, my favorite character. This must be God’s grace towards me, a fan! But of all things, I’d become Istina, the very villainess who always caused Raon trouble. Raon is disgusted at the very sight of Istina. However, I persistently followed him around, hoping to become friendly with Raon. “Hey, Raon!” “I don’t want to.” “But I haven’t even said anything yet…” “I know exactly what I dislike.” At first, he completely ignored me, but now, he’s tolerating me at least a little, right? I’m going to continue being a fan. Come on, let’s cheer up!
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