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Mangás Shuukan Shounen Hachi

Weekly Boy Hachi

Synopsis Shuukan Shounen Hachi

Yasaka Hachiki isn't a genius, and he's painfully aware of it. Yet, fresh out of high school, he decided to enter a special school for aspiring mangaka: Onigahama, also known as "The Tower of Ogres," along with his buddy Saru. Even at the end of the school's two-year course, it is said that only one or two students actually become pros. One serious contender is Mikeya "Mike" Touma, a pretty boy with an obvious talent for manga but who has so far failed to impress his friend, a strange girl he calls Myaako. To his shock, though, Myaako actually gives praise to a seemingly mediocre storyboard drawn by Hachi on a notebook. This ticks him off and sparks a rivalry between the two. Thus begins the tale of Onigahama's students and their merciless struggle to achieve their common dream.
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