Manga Rogue and Gambit (2023-)

Rogue and Gambit (2023-)

Summary Rogue and Gambit (2023-)

DESTINY STRIKES YOUR FAVORITE X-MEN DUO! Krakoa is on a precipice. Destiny alone can see what’s coming—but the precog cannot act. For that, she’ll need her adoptive daughter, Rogue. Husbands need not apply…but with mutant duties stealing Rogue away so much these days, Gambit is determined to make the most of the mission and put some Cajun spice back into their increasingly complicated love affair. He just has to make it out of the bar first. Powerhouse writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman: Evolution, Millie the Spy) joins fan-favorite artist Carlos Gómez (X-TERMINATORS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) for a thrill ride that’ll lay bare some of Krakoa’s biggest secrets!





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Rogue and Gambit (2023-)


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