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喧嘩上等。破壊万歳。暴虐の限りを尽くした動画企画で荒稼ぎをしている炎上系配信者「煽りんご」こと、縁城蒼吏15歳(高校中退)。蒼吏は厄介者の権化のように認知されているが、実際は妹とスイーツが大好きな優しいお兄ちゃん。炎上動画も、病弱な妹の莫大な治療費を賄うための手段にすぎず、たとえ全人類に嫌われても妹が元気なら幸せだった。そんな最愛の妹に、異変が起きるまでは――。現代式祓霊アクション開幕! Souji Enishiro, 15 years old (high school dropout), is a controversial streamer, “Aoringo,” who makes a ton of money through his violent and outrageous video content.Although he is seen as a troublemaker, in reality, he is a kind older brother who loves his younger sister and sweets.Even his controversial videos are just a means to cover the huge medical expenses for his sickly younger sister. No matter if everyone in the world hates him, he is happy as long as his sister is doing well.That is until something happens to his beloved sister…This is the start of a new action series of modern-style exorcisms!




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