Manga Aewol's Dream

Aewolui Kkum / AiYue de Meng / AiYue's Dream / LE RÊVE D'AEWOL / 愛月の夢 / 爱月的梦 / 애월의 꿈

Aewol's Dream

Summary Aewol's Dream

Rather than borrowing the power of the earrings and gaining great strength, the people of “Miao” are trapped by it’s side effects. Hundreds of years ago, “Aewol” and “Panhwa” who barely survived extinction, the two families both quietly lived in the west part of the continent while serving as a guard. One day, the Yokai God’s representative “Juno” descends to the ground and announces a “trial” for the people. A crisis where if they can’t solve this riddle-like problem, the two families will disappear from earth…! Will Aewol and Panhwa survive this crisis? And why did this ordeal find the Miao?Brought to you by Daddies Supremacy Discord: OR




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