Manga I Became the Hero's Mom

I Became the Hero's Mom

Summary I Became the Hero's Mom

I’ve been a fan of the male lead for 3 years.A fool for his son, I was caught by the Tyrant Duke of Hades, Louvermont.“Following me around and giving me a lot of expensive gifts. I don’t know whether you value your life or not, coming all the way to the North by yourself….”“I am sorry. I have nothing to say.”“Okay, I lose. I have a generous heart, so I will pretend I don’t know anything.”“….Really? I think that didn’t have that much sincerity.”“It’s been quite a while since I had a woman following me around. I’ve never seen anyone as persistent as Milady. It’s amazing. Let’s do it, marriage. As soon as possible.”“Sigh….” “….” “Yes, you will accept it.” “….” “I mean, what?! What did you just say?”What does this mean? I must have heard it wrong, right?However, the Duke only looked at my blank face then smirked, and properly confirmed it by threatening to kill me.“I’ll do it. I’ll marry you.”Oh my God. The male-lead’s father’s excessive self-consciousness is quite high.




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I Became the Hero's Mom







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