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Manga The Breaker 3 Eternal Force

Alternative Titles

Synopsis The Breaker 3 Eternal Force

third Season of The Breaker Series, otherwise called The Breaker 3: Eternal Force. Ha Jae, who's thinking about death on the housetop because of tormenting. A senior shows up before him and unexpectedly pushes Ha-Jae off?! In any case, he awakens securely in the Nurse's Office in school. Ha-Jae's reprisal against the tormenting that the reprobates have begun again finishes in disappointment… However, Siwoon shows up before him once more and mentors Ha-Jae to overcome the reprobates in a single strike utilizing his clench hand. The presence of the Murim seems concealed under what is by all accounts a standard school, and the hazardous experience to the universe of Murim starts.
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